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Sustainable and reusable Packaging

Even when it comes to the packaging at The Atticco, we want to provide a wholesome consumer experience focusing on the little details that mean the world to us.

We believe in using Sustainable Fabrics made with natural fibers and dyes consisting of kashish, jaggery, onion and pomegranate skins, etc. To do our bit, we consciously pack our scarves in 100% cotton reusable bags, which also generates employment for local women artisans. In our attempt to improve the environmental footprint and to minimize (if not completely eradicate) single-use plastics, we have made sure our packaging is sustainable and can be reused in numerous ways. All you need is some imagination-

Our reusable potli bags are made of unbleached cotton.

These cotton bags have strings that can be pulled together, making it easy to open and close them, and can be used in multiple ways-

-Keep your scarves safe.

-Reuse them as potpourri packs in your wardrobe.

-Store your jewelry/ accessories during travel.

-Carry your sandwich/ lunch in this super handy washable bag.

-even the glittery and festive wrapping paper can be reused for future gifting/ storing or safekeeping of glassware and delicate jewelry.

 For our gift boxes, we are using Handmade paper, which is made with cotton remnants. What we love most about our handmade paper is the fact that it is tree-free and is made with cotton remnants which makes it the most Eco-friendly form of paper around. It is 100% recyclable, and no toxic chemicals are used in the manufacturing of this paper. As it is handmade, it helps and employs local artisans creating better job opportunities.

Our Partners in India follow fair trade, and there is strictly no child labor.

The beauty of our reusable foldable origami gift boxes and envelopes is that they are made with this beautiful, sustainable paper. These lightweight boxes can be folded and stored if not in use, or you could enjoy them as a keepsake box. These are sure to delight the special someone who receives them.

We care for the environment and make a conscious effort to reduce our carbon footprint. Thank you for being a part of our remarkable journey


  • Jan 12, 2021
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