About Us

Growing up, I was always mesmerized by my hometown's (Rajasthan India) vibrant culture and art. From the colorful odhnis my grandma used to wear to the golden Tanjore paintings, everything around me was a work of art. Local artisans took inspiration from Rajasthan's desert landscape and Pushkar's waters to create gorgeous textiles. Here at The Atticco we strive to preserve this traditional art form, share the stories of local artists, and accord the brilliance of colors.


Traditions and Expertise

Having grown up in a family where textile was the primary business, I grew up understanding the importance of good-quality fabric and appreciating the immense amount of time and skill that went into producing handmade scarves. Using this experience combined with traditional techniques helped The Atticco create products that are a unique blend of quality and creativity.

Crafted with love

We are glad to be part of this rich and unique tradition of using ancestral art techniques such as hand block printing, hand weaving, jamdani, and Shibori Tie Dye. Each piece is a work of art designed and crafted with love and the highest quality materials. We hope you enjoy each handcrafted piece as much as we enjoyed creating it. We are also proud to support and work with a diverse group of talented artisans belonging to the local communities in India. Our goal is to empower local artisans and their communities, along with providing jobs for women in need. Recentley, we decided to set a portion of our profits towards the 'Shree Hari Satsang Samathi', which funds education in villages in rural, underdeveloped parts of India.