How the name came to be
Many people often ask me how I chose the name 'The Atticco.' Well, I can promise you this, it's quite an exciting tale!

It all started with brainstorming... I spent hours and hours trying to come up with the perfect name and logo, only to no avail. So I asked friends and family for suggestions. We got dozens of name and logo recommendations, and all of them were so nice. But after some debate, we finally agreed on 'The Atticco'! The original name was 'The Attic Company,' but we thought the shortened version had such a pretty ring. The three brown tones in the logo represent the teakwood blocks that our artisans use to create the scarves. The lower portion of the logo represents a wooden door, and right above it is a little attic! If you look closely, all the letters of 'The Atticco' can be seen in the icon, from the C in the attic to the A in the door! We chose the word attic, as it represents the little treasures from my grandmas' attic! She had so many family heirlooms, silks, jewelry pieces, and cherished articles of clothing. It was like a little treasure trove! And thus, The Atticco was born!
  • Jun 16, 2020
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