About Us

Growing up I was always mesmerized by the vibrant hues of Rajasthan (India) - the stunning Shades of Orange/ Red Odhni’s (traditional attire of women) and Turbans, painted the regions desert landscape into an artist’s palette. The brilliance of Indigos reflecting the Mediterranean. Here at The Atticco we strive to revive the brilliance of colors and the vibrancy of the art of rare and traditional prints of Bagru and Sanganeer. 

Having grown up in a family where textile was the primary business, we have an understanding of the importance of good fabric, handlooms and the skill as well as art involved in manufacturing every unique piece. Using our expertise of Textile Industry combined with block printing done by hand provides a unique blend of quality and creativity reflected in our products.  I am glad to be able to bring forth this rich and unique experience of the regions distinct and beautiful art of hand block printing using Natural Dyes and beautiful fabrics.


How it's done